Wines for EUR 5 – Ebner Chardonnay, 2006

by Natalie Rager

I’m confused. I found a statement on the web by Andreas Ebner about their varietals (Cabernet sauvignon 25 %, Cabernet franc 25 %, Merlot 25 %, Pinot noir 25 %) which does not include Chardonnay. I also read somewhere that Mr. Ebner made his 2006 Chardonnay from grapes he bought from other producers. But the label says it differently. Anyway. Mr. Ebner has (with or without Chardonnay) 6.5 hectares in the Tök area, on Nyakashegy to be more precise near Mozsgó. I’ve never been there myself.

This is my last purchase in a row of seeking good value white wines under 5-6 euros a bottle for long, hot summer days. So far with little success (Chardonany, Furmint, and a positive example, a cuvée).

The review

Pale hay color with green reflections. It comes with some bobbles and with a smell of added sulphur dioxide which slowly disappears – too slowly. No floral smells but some aromas. Acids are palpable in the back of the tongue only, lasting not too long. I don’t expect so much acid without fruity and floral compensation in a Chardonnay. It has a drop of gooseberry though, but altogether it’s a very simple wine with a sensation of added sparkling water. I tasted the Szabó Riesling from the day before, and it’s a whole other world.

This Ebner Chardonnay is perfectly suitable for college people drinking in group having a good time and a simple meal – this wine will definitely not distract the attention from the conversation. I’m really hesitating between 3+ and 4-. It’s another sunny day, so…

Score: 4-

Price: EUR 5

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