Dereszla Dry 2006

by Natalie Rager

Dereszla wines captured my imaginations throught their Dorombor recently, then I was drown to this particular Dry by American starblogger, showman and first of all wine merchant Gary Vaynerchuk’s coverage of this white wine.

Gary’s been mostly positive about Hungarian white wines for some time now but he’s enthousiasm for this cuvée (which by the way he describes as pure Furmint) was extraordinary even by Gary’s standards.

I wrote a few days ago about the little information available on the web about Dereszla and it hasn’t change too much since then.

The review

Very bright color, almost transparent. Smells grassy and walnut, even marzipan and a touch of vanilla. But it’s also mineral in both taste and smell. Walnut is actually quite long on the upper-mouth area whilst the mineral touch stays even longer at the tongue, giving the wine a nice, long finish. It’s 14% alcohol burns a little bit but it makes its creamy texture more attractive. It’s a bit sweet for a dry wine supported by medium acidity. It’s similar to Dorombor but not as fresh and a little bit more full-bodied. And round. The second glass is actually better. As the glass gets warmer the Hárslevelű (used in minor extent together with Muskotály) undertone becomes more palpable.

Score: 5, 5+

Price: EUR 6

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