The guide to choosing the best pet feeder

by Natalie Rager

Pet feeders, also known as automatic pet feeders, are electronic devices that are used to feed pets in the absence of their parents. This means that the pet owner can program them to dispense a specific amount of food at a particular time of the day. The food can be administered at different times of the day, depending on the needs of the pet and in different or the same amount. Once the devices are programmed, the owner needs not to worry about feeding the pet when they are at work or away for other reasons. The pet feeders are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs in the market. This fact makes it challenging for pet owners to choose the most suitable pet feeder for their dogs or cats. In this post, we help make the work easier.

Choosing the best pet feeder for your pet

Below are some essential factors to consider when looking for the most suitable automatic pet feeder for your pet.

  • Size

When determining the most suitable size, there are various factors that you need to put into consideration. First and foremost, you have to look into the size of the pet. For instance, in the case of dog pets, a giant breed like a German Shephard may require more food than Chihuahuas. It is therefore essential to consider the size of the pet, relative to the strain.

The number of pets you own also helps determine the size of the pet feeder that you should get. For cat owners, a single pet feeder can be used to feed more than one cat. In such a scenario, you may need one that holds more food for both the cats.

5. automatic pet feeders (2)
  • Security

It is essential to ensure that the pet feeder does not allow your pet to access the food when it is not time to eat. If this happens, it may result in overfeeding, which may have dangerous side effects on the pet. It is, therefore, essential to go for a pet feeder with an efficient locking system for the food storage compartment. Such a pet feeder may also come in handy if you own a large pet like a bulldog that could easily knock down the device, causing it to break or the food to spill on the floor.

  • The type of pet feeder

Pet feeders come in a variety of types. Below are the main types of pet feeders from which you can choose;

  • Gravity driven pet feeders- this type of pet feeder is the cheapest to acquire. Unlike the other brands, this type of pet feeder does not dispense single meal servings. It works in such a way that the food bowl keeps filling up with food whenever it runs empty until the reservoir runs out of food.
  • Electronic pet feeders- this type of pet feeder works in such a way that large amounts of food are stored in the reservoir, and they are dispensed to the bowl promptly. This means that when the programmed time reaches, the timer causes the chute to open, and food is dispensed onto the dish.

Bottom Line

Other types of pet feeders include clamshell dispensers, which feature more than one food reservoir. Circular dispensers also fall under types of dispenses. They feature several food compartments.

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