How Many Bundles Do You Need With Closure

by Natalie Rager

Many things have to be taken into consideration after you decide to get artificial or human hair, for that matter yourself. From selecting the right length, style, and color for yourself to looking for the best deals on bundles, it is one task. Even after you are done deciding your style, color, bundle, and everything, you still need to decide how many bundles with closure you need. This is a decision you can make with or without your stylist.

What Is A Closure?

It is a hairpiece attached to a corn-row base and secured with loose deep wave hair with closure along the perimeter for the protection of natural hair.

What Does The Number Of Bundles Needed Depend On?

So the one thing that can increase or decrease the number of bundles required for you is your hair length. The number of bundles required depends on the length of the hair and increases with an increase in length. Below we have stated the number of bundles required for various average hair lengths.


If your hair length lies between 20 and 25 centimeters, the good news for you is that you have to pay for two hair bundles because that would be sufficient to cover your closure.


If your hair length is anywhere between 30 and 50 centimeters, you would need to invest in one more bundle for a total of three bundles for your entire closure.


Above 55cm, though, three hair bundles would not be enough, so if your desired wig hair length lies between 55 and 75 centimeters, you would easily need at least four hair bundles for a full closure. This will give every heart’s desire a fuller appearance and amazing volume.

Above 80cm

If you are looking for a hair length above 80 cm, roughly to even 85 cm, you would have to invest in a whooping five hair bundles to cover your entire enclosure and get that fuller and voluminous look.

Above 85cm

If you are planning to get a hair length beyond 85 cm, then even five hair bundles would not suffice for you, but your stylist would not recommend a length of that kind because carrying it is a hustle doesn’t even look that nice. If you are still adamant about getting it, you should start with around 6 hair bundles for one closure.

Other Factors to Consider

Other than the length of the hair, some other factors that might affect the number of closures you need would be the size of your head and the style of the hair you are planning to get. The head size because, of course, if your head is bigger, you will need more bundles to enclose it. And if you are getting hair in the silky straight style as compared to body waves or curly, you would have to get more bundles to get that fuller look because silky hair bundles tend to look flat and fail to offer a lot of volumes.


Selecting the number of bundles for your closure is as important as selecting the right style, color, quality, and length. So select the right number of closures for your bundle depending upon your needs, as given above.

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