Why Digital Wallets Are Becoming More Popular

by Natalie Rager

As technology and payment processing continues to evolve, it is not convenient to maintain only one method of paying for services and products. An increasingly mobile-friendly economy means that conventional methods such as checks, cash, debit, and credit cards are being used less. Payment technology is becoming easier to use, and both digital wallets and mobile payment solutions are the latest trends gaining traction. A solid developer platform such as the HUAWEI wallet kit can create secure and efficient digital wallets for clients across the world. Let’s focus on why digital wallets are becoming more popular.

Understanding mobile payments

In 2020, it is rare to find businesses tied to their old-school (wired desktop terminal) ways of accomplishing payments. Business owners are fully capable of moving their goods and services through expos, door to door, and at trade shows while accepting customer credit card payments. In essence, these payment solutions involve innovative mobile terminals featuring built-in SIM cards or Wi-Fi. In addition to this, business owners can opt for reader devices capable of connecting to tablets and mobile phones. Many payment types can be taken, including debit cards and EMV credit. NFC transactions are also connected to client digital wallets to ease transaction convenience.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets created using a HUAWEI wallet kit in smartphones work as storage centers where clients can securely store financial information in encrypted form. Manually loading and setting up a digital wallet involves entering the key data or entering the debit and credit card information into the wallet software. Once the client’s payment information is saved, it can then be used to secure mobile payments across a range of situations where such payment is accepted.

Digital wallets eliminate the need for physical wallets containing vulnerable cash and cards.

Reasons why digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular

As more and more people take up the use of digital wallets to store loyalty card, debit card, and credit card information via smartphones and wearable devices, mobile wallets provide easier and convenient ways to make online purchases. Here’s why:

· Mobile shopping

Mobile commerce (m-Commerce) and its increasing use are influencing the growing popularity of digital wallets crafted using HUAWEI wallet kits, especially in the American retail sales space. More than 90% of Americans buy products and services from online businesses at least once a year. Growing m-commerce enables the integration of digital wallets to allow quick and easy payments that do not require entering credit card information.

· Increased options

Digital wallets offer several options to users and can be either multipurpose or single-purpose. Multipurpose digital wallets enable you to store a range of credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards in one wallet. The customer can then select their preferred card or loyalty account directly from their wearable device or phone.

· Increasing awareness

As more and more people realize how this type of service can be utilized, mobile payments are on the rise. In addition to this, numerous digital wallet providers are using conventional marketing as well as social media to spread the word.


The digital wallet ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and enterprises and individual users should be in a position to leverage these technologies. Huawei wallet kits can be used to craft highly secure and efficient digital wallets.

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