Reasons to Choose LED Parking Lot Lights

by Natalie Rager

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is a hit when it comes to parking area lights these days. The technology is more advanced compared to traditional lighting, making the bulbs last longer. An LED light bulb is said to last 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb does. Since it is not that easy to swap bulbs on parking area lights, it is a great investment for parking lot owners.

Aside from being long-lasting, it also comes with a lot of benefits. Here is a list of LED benefits that may cause you to make the switch to LED:

Low energy consumption

LED lights use less power to function compared to traditional bulbs. They use 50 to 60% less power and this is accomplished without compromising brightness quality. You may not realize this at first but once it all adds up, you will realize that you are saving thousands of dollars on your power bill each year.

More control

There are advanced LED fixtures that allow you to save more on power through energy control features like dimming and motion detectors. Motion detectors cause the lights to only operate at maximum brightness when there are cars or people around. When no motion is detected, the lights dim, allowing you to save power. There are also dimming controls where the brightness depends on how dark the environment is. So, the darker the environment, the brighter the light will be. Once there is enough natural light to brighten up the parking lot, the lights will automatically shut down.


LED lighting has a lesser impact when it comes to the harm it may cause on the environment. The fact that it is long-lasting means there is lesser material waste from your end. While traditional parking area lights like fluorescent units and metal halide contain mercury that is toxic, LED lights do not have mercury at all. Also, when operating, they emit less heat compared to other light bulbs.

Easier on the eyes

A lot of people find that the light emitted by an LED bulb is more pleasing to the eyes compared to that produced by traditional light bulbs. This is because LED light bulbs are set up in a way that it can imitate natural lighting. This makes it healthier to the eyes compared to the harsh glares of fluorescent light.

As you can see, LED lighting provides an effective and more economical way to brighten up your parking area. You do not only get to save money on power consumption but you also get to do less maintenance on your parking area lights. The best thing about it is that it is actually cheaper to convert your existing parking lot lights to LED lighting because there is no need to get new poles, fixtures, and do the rewiring.

If you are a business owner and you have a parking lot, do not settle for a dimly lit one that can attract criminals and cause accidents. With LED lights, you can brighten up your parking space without increasing your electric bill.

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