The importance of picking a good flower pot

by Natalie Rager

If you are a lover of nature and you enjoy spending ample time in the wild, you’d most certainly want to take a piece of nature with you. This is why having a flower pot in your house or office or at any space, you enjoy spending time in, is important.

 Flower pots allow you to not only take a piece of nature with you but it allows you to groom your favorite plants within the comfort of your home. Flower pots are also called pots, vases, plant stands, or pot de fleur which is the French translation of flower pot.

Grooming flowers can be an absolute delight and it gives your personal space an aesthetic view. Imagine walking into your garden and being greeted by dead plants, how traumatizing that will be! This is why you must take great care when picking a flower pot for your plants because it picking a bad flower pot is your first mistake.

 This guide has been put together to help prevent such an avoidable mistake. So let’s dive into the business of the day.

Factors to consider when selecting a flower pot

Before you groom a plant you must understand that you are attempting to imitate the natural habitat of the plant. A lot of factors come into play when you want to groom plants, one of which is selecting an appropriate flower pot. The following factors will help you make the right choice when selecting a flower pot.

Pot size

 The size of the pot you pick is highly dependent upon the size of the plant you intend to put in it. The right pot size gives the plant room to grow and flourish.

Drainage system

As a gardener, you are well aware of the fact that watering your plants is an important part of grooming. This is why your pot of selection must have holes that will allow the water you pour on your plants to flow out gradually. The holes mustn’t be too big or too small; a pothole must have a minimum diameter of ½ inch.

If the hole isn’t big enough or isn’t present on the pot, water will surely gather. This will make the pot’s soil get soggy and lead to the death of the plant, starting from the roots. If the pothole is too large, the water will drain out at a faster rate but the plant won’t get the quantity of water it deserves.

Asides from letting water flow out at an appropriate rate, pot holes are also important because they allow the plant to receive air and sunlight relevant for its growth. Remember, you are trying to imitate the plant’s natural habitat so you must ensure the plant gets the appropriate amount of air and light.

Types of flower pots

 There are basically four types of flower pots: plastic pots, resin pots, clay pots, and cache pots. Knowing what pot is suitable for the kind of plant you wish to put in it is a very important factor to put into consideration.


It’s ok to not know how to pick a flowerpot by yourself; you can always ask the shop attendant for guidance. The most important thing is that you know the factor to put into consideration and what to ask.

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