Is A Free Standing Vanity Unit The One For Me?

by Natalie Rager

Are you in need of a vanity unit for your bathroom but remain confused between the free-standing vanity unit and the built-in vanity unit? You’re in luck because here are the pros and cons of having one.

Everyone loves a free standing vanity but sometimes, a built in vanity is just what you need especially if you’re trying to save space. Other kinds of vanity options exist too so you shouldn’t have to pick between these two if you don’t want to.

When picking a right vanity unit, one important factor remains the size of your bathroom. You don’t want to get a vanity unit that makes the bathroom space uncomfortable for you or one that’s too small, you can barely use it.

You tend for regret it in the long run. Since vanity units aren’t personal items, you can ask the help of your family when choosing one. Size is also important depending on who gets to use the vanity unit.

Here are various pros and cons associated with both free standing vanity units and built in vanities. These are intended to guide you in making the right decision for your bathroom.

Freestanding Vanity Unit

Here are the various pros and cons associated with freestanding vanity units.

· It has a more modern appearance

· Looks easily like furniture

· It gives you more space in your bathroom

· Can be personalized easily

· Very flexible for various options

· Great for small spaces to avoid bumping into it.

· Cost a whole lot less than built in vanity units

· Comes in cartoon styles, shapes, sizes and of course, countertops.

· Comes with the cost of countertops

· Easy and cheaper to install

· Provides a more organized interior

· Gives the bathroom a lot less utilitarian look

· Has a more organized finishing that built in.

· Sinks and faucets are also usually included in this vanity unit.

· Offers more storage

· A lot more decorative

 · Usually need assembling which are be tedious

· Gives a lot less storage space depending on size.

· Equals a lot more cleaning

· They aren’t exactly free standing as they need to be attracted to a wall

· Chances of utilized space in the bathroom are high

Built-In Vanity Unit

Here are the various pros and cons associated with this kind of vanity unit as compared to the freestanding vanity unit.

· They offer more storage space

· Are great when considering major storage

· The best option for a traditional interior

· Utilizes the space from the wall

· Offers lots of door styles to go with your home

· Easily customizable height and width.

·  Can be used for any purpose.

 · They cost a lot more than the former

· They also cost a lot for installation

· They take a longer time to install

· They need a professional cabinetry installer.

· Offers countertops separately.

If you’re in need of a bathroom vanity for your home, this would help you make a better decision. A professional interpreter designer can let you know if freestanding vanity units are just what you need or going for a built in vanity unit is the best for your space.

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