How Do You Install a Server Rack Successfully?

by Natalie Rager

If you want to install a server rack at home or better yet, business, it is crucial to plan it out so that you avoid mistakes. When a server rack is installed, it becomes pretty hard to move. So when setting up a new server room, you first need to know how to install the server rack. According to most network cabinet accessories manufacturer guidelines; you should consider the tips below if you want to install a server rack successfully.

1. Choosing the room for installation

The first thing you need to consider when setting up that server is the location. Here, you need to choose the right one for the job. Since most businesses do not have a relatively large area designated as a data center, then it becomes necessary to find a viable location that is readily available and will not cause issues for the rack itself.

2. How to find the right room

It is important to choose the right room in the building. To begin with, the room you choose needs to be secure since various server racks contain invaluable hardware coupled with important company information on it.

Rooms at the center of the building are ideal because they do not have windows.

Having the ability to lock the room to keep employees and visitors out is also going to be a good idea.

3. Consider cooling

A few things are important than keeping the computer equipment cool. Your server rack will help in facilitating proper cooling. This is one piece of the entire puzzle.

Positioning the server rack next to a heat vent, for instance, is a mistake. In cases where windows are found in the room, you should ensure that they are shaded.

That way, the sun does not contribute to the room temperature. You should ensure that the rack is not against the wall. That way, there will be no limit to airflow.

4. Consider choosing the right rack

It is important to choose the right server rack. Here, you should consider the type of equipment that will go inside in order to make sure that there is sufficient room for the job. Ensure that the device can be secured in place.

Some companies may establish that a wall-mounted rack is an ideal solution. Then there are some that will want to have an enclosed rack. Others will want an open frame model. Take time to look through different designs in order to select the right server rack.

5. Consider impending Costs

Many companies have made the mistake of investing in ultra-high server racks as well as computer equipment. Although there are certainly times when it is necessary, most individuals can save money by investing in a good quality rack that meets all their needs.

Final Thoughts

Where possible, you should keep your racks away from people. The servers can easily generate noise and heat, which can be annoying to people working in the surrounding area. Besides, when people work near the server rack, they can easily expose the device to the risk of being bumped. For that reason, it is important to understand the process of successfully installing the server rack.

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