A Guide To Creating Diamond Art

by Natalie Rager

Diamond art, also referred to as custom diamond painting, refers to a new art trend that allows painters to create and personalize diamond artwork. Diamond artwork is a unique type of art that is fast gaining momentum. If you are looking to get some of the best pieces, you can buy now from this website. In this post, we look at a guide to creating diamond art. 

How to create diamond art

Below is a guide on how to create a diamond painting;

1. Determine the finished size of the diamond art

First, you need to start by choosing or purchasing the frame or canvas for your diamond painting is to measure and determine the size of your piece. Once you have correctly determined the finished artwork’s size, you can correctly choose the canvas’s best size. Note that the canvas size needs to be smaller than the finished diamond art. This will allow you to wrap the edges of the canvas without losing the diamonds on the sides. With that, you should be set to get the perfect canvas size.

2. Prepare the canvas

Once you have the perfect canvas size, you can start preparing it and the diamond artwork. This should not be too difficult. Start by covering the canvas with glue. Make sure you choose the right type of glue. The last thing you want is for the glue to dry before your work is done. Therefore, it would be an incredible idea to use slow-drying glue so that you can move the diamond art around before it dries entirely.

After you have covered the canvas with glue, lay the diamond artwork on top of the canvas. Make sure to cover the eyeball center as well. Move around the diamonds until you achieve the kind of piece or design you are looking to create. You can use a brayer to push the art into the glue and canvas. Do not forget to turn over the canvas so that you can work on the backside too.

3. Trim the artwork

After you have created the piece you want, the next thing you need to do is trim the artwork. Go ahead and place canvas upside down on a mat. Make sure it is appropriately set on a cutting mat so that you can do the best work. The next thing to do is cut the edges of the piece of art.

4. Prepare and wrap the canvas

After trimming the edges, the next thing to do is to prepare the canvas for wrapping. The corners require the most preparation. Use a ruler to cut the edges and do this against the sides of the canvas. Make sure you work on all other corners or sides of the piece. From there, you can wrap the canvas using staples. Make sure all the corners are wrapped correctly.


When preparing diamond art, it is would help if you had a diamond painting kit. The market is swarmed with a myriad of stores that sell diamond art kits that you can use for your creation.

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