Ways to Secure Your Smartwatch Data

by Natalie Rager

In today’s world, where nearly every task is managed via an electronic device, chances that your information can easily be stolen are pretty high. The smartwatch is one of technology’s outstanding accomplishments. You might not think it, but hackers can easily sniff and steal all your information through your smartwatch. This article will discuss a few tips to help you secure your smartwatch data from hackers. You can view one of the latest smartwatches in the market at https://www.hihonor.com/spain/product/honor-watch-gs-pro.

Top tips to secure your smartwatch data

1. Secure your smartphone

Since smartwatches typically operate hand in hand with smartphones. For this reason, it is crucial to secure your smartphone first. We all know one or two people that have been hacked before, right? So how do you outsmart a potential hacker? By setting strong passcodes on our smartphones. This makes it harder for a hacker to make them up.

A hacker might not need to access both your smartwatch and phone to acquire information; one would be sufficient for them. It is also recommended you create a different password for each app. At least, this will prevent access to all your information if you’re hacked.

2. Always keep your smartwatch software updated.

There is a reason why developers release new updates from time to time. The latest update is always an enhanced, more secure version of the previous one. So, you might want to be patient while your smartwatch reboots next time. The one-minute update could help you dodge a bullet.

3. Setting up security features on your smartwatch

Once you acquire a smartwatch, the first thing you should do is set up security features. The following are ways to enhance the security of your phone:

  1. Set up a wrist detector

Some smartwatches have the wrist-detecting software that makes your watch lock when it’s not on your wrist. If yours has this feature, consider activating it.

  1. Set a password or pin for unlocking the timepiece

Create a pin or password that you can enter to unlock your smartwatch

  1. Create a lock-pattern

A pattern also works the same way as a pin. Create one that only you know

  1. Set a lock on the phone

Secure your phone with patterns and pins just as much.

Remember, your smartwatch security begins on your phone.

Note: Never share your passwords with anyone. You’ve probably heard this caution a hundred times before, but don’t wait to lose all your data before learning to take it seriously.

Look up the security features of a smartwatch before purchase.

You’re planning on getting that recently launched outdoor wearable.

You’ve already decided on the color to pick, and the price isn’t looking bad either.

Pause. You need to do thorough research on your dream smartwatch’s security features before making that order!

Don’t only let the price or aesthetics guide you. one security researcher recently discovered that a smartwatch sold on eBay at a throwaway price had a pairing app with a backdoor that linked to an unknown IP address in China. This was, by all means, a huge security risk.

Final Thoughts- Be careful what you download.

When downloading apps on your phone, kindly make sure the apps are trusted by looking at the reviews to avoid bogus apps. The link between your smartphone and smartwatch could easily be accessed through these non-credible apps.it is recommended to always stick to Google Play Store or the App Store for your app downloads

Final Thoughts

Securing your phone, updating your smartwatch’s security features, updating your smartwatch software, and downloading credible apps only are some ways to safeguard your smartphone data. Practicing them may save you from hackers by a mile.

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