Top Five School Supplies for College

by Natalie Rager

The process of preparing for college is a very exciting one. You find yourself trying so hard to pack everything you will need for your college apartment or dorm room, that it’s very easy to forget that you’ll need a few fourniture scolaire. Yes, the numerous adventures you are going to have in college will be thrilling, but you need to remember that you also have a lot of work to do. So, as you go shopping for nice clothes, do not forget to add important school supply items to your shopping list.

Top School Supplies Everyone Needs


A calculator is one school supply everyone needs. Now, even if you have no plans to major in a field that requires a lot of science and math classes, you will still need a calculator for at least one science or math class in your general studies. However, whatever field you decide to major in will determine the type of calculator you will need for college. For general education studies, a scientific calculator will do just fine, but if you want to major in a field that requires advanced math/science classes, a graphing calculator may be more appropriate. However, before getting a calculator, check with your major department to learn about specific regulations on the use of calculators.

Adhesive Page Markers

To get the most out of your study, you might want to consider adding adhesive page markers to your supply list. You can also get these markers in various colors to indicate certain points in your notebook for easy reference.


Well, during lecture hours, you will need to take down a few notes. Different students have different methods of keeping their notes organized, and as such you have to go for one that you’re most comfortable with. If you prefer paper notes to digital ones, you can opt for a blinder or folder to organize your courses better.


As you move around campus each day, you will need a bag to help you carry your notes, textbooks, as well as your laptop. There are several bag options you can choose from to carry your stuff. Some of these options include a standard backpack, a laptop bag, a rucksack, a messenger bag, as well as many others. While you might be o a tight budget, remember to consider quality first, as a high-quality bag will most likely last throughout your stay in college.

A Flash Drive

Admittedly, a flash drive might not be much of a necessity anymore as it was a few years ago. These days, free cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, have made things much easier for college kids and generally everyone. However, there are still some benefits of having a flash drive at your disposal. With a flash drive, you have physical access to your files and as such, can maintain the security of your files. Unlike free cloud storage, you do not need internet access to retrieve any of your stored documents. Since you can physically access your files, all you need is a laptop and you are good to go.

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