Top benefits of using a running fanny pack

by Natalie Rager

If you are a regular runner, you must be familiar with accessories that makes running easier. These accessories are convenient to use. Some of these accessories include specialized headband, wrist wallet, and so on. One very popular accessory is the running fanny pack.

A running fanny pack is strapped around one’s waist and can be used as an armband. This pack is used to hold one’s belongings during a run or workout. It also has other uses such as holding one’s water bottle. However, the main use is to hold one’s cellphone and keys.

Benefits of using a running fanny pack

Below are the benefits of using a running pack.

The running fanny pack offers a pocket space

Most running attire either have very tiny pockets or no pocket at all. With the tiny pockets, it is usually very difficult to put your phone or keys securely. If you are running a far distance or taking part in a marathon, you would surely need a space for your essentials so that they can be secure. A running fanny comes with enough pocket space.

Running fanny packs are not expensive

Running fanny packs are not an investment. However, bear in mind that you won’t always get a fanny pack cheap. The price is usually based on quality, size, and function. The higher the quality and size, the higher the prize. You can get a fanny pack within $5-$70. While you might want a cheaper fanny pack, keep in mind that you should also consider the quality.

You need a fanny pack that can withstand the movements that comes with running so that it can be used for a long time. Designers have worked with athletes to make a suitable running fanny pack which can last long and still serve you well. If you want a small lightweight pack, then you can get a cheaper one.

Running fanny packs are comfortable

Apart from being able to fit comfortably around your waist, running fanny packs also makes running more comfortable. if you decide to carry all you belonging on your hand while going for a run, it gets tiring. It is very uncomfortable to hold things around your hand when running.

If you go on a run and you put your cellphone, water bottle, and your keys in your hand, you realize how tired you would be in minutes and you won’t enjoy your run. Your hands would get sweaty and it makes it easy for what you are carrying to slip off. You can also get hand cramps. With a running fanny pack, you do not have to worry about any of these problems.

Running fanny packs can carry first aid treatments

When running, sometimes, accidents can happen. So, it is always good to be prepared for this. If you are running around the woods, you could get a scratch, and carrying first aid equipment can help you treat your injury before it gets infected. So, carrying a running fanny pack with first aid items is a good decision.

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