Stadium Lights: What You Should Know

by Natalie Rager

Stadium lights are seen as powerful lights that tend to aid the performances of players in a field. They are mounted at very tall heights with 12 to 60 degrees small beam angles. With these angles, there’s a usually higher intensity of light that lets brighter light up to get to the ground. When you want to purchase stadium lights for sale, ensure that you’re choosing the right one.

This piece guides through stadium lights and all you should understand about them.

Why are Stadium Lights Usually Bright?

Stadium lights are designed to be bright because it helps to highlight the difference of the get being played. It lets the audience have clearer views of the players with little or no effort. Simply put, If there are no bright LED stadium lights, the spectators won’t focus properly on the game.

What is the Beam Angle?

This is unarguably the most essential thing while installing stadium lights. With the right beam angles, your stadium lights will get to all corners of the field, making viewing easier to do. If there are mistakes in the angles, effects can be ruined! causing disruption when the game is played.

The quality of coverage highly depends on your budget and the size of the field. However, you can get great coverage for either small or big sizes.

Stadium lights should be mounted at what height?

If it’s a 500 watt, then It should always start at 40 feet. But for 1000 or 1200 watts, the poke should start at about 60 feet or even higher.

Factors to consider when buying stadium lights

Here are some of the important factors to put into consideration when purchasing a LED stadium light:

1. Is it Waterproof?

Stadium lights like you already know, are mounted for outdoor purposes. Here, they are most likely to get exposed to rain, humidity, moisture, and the likes of it that can destroy electronics. This is why you should ensure that your lights are water or weatherproof rated at IP65 or above; to be sure that they can stand elements.

If you’re having troubles with finding good weatherproof stadium lights you may need to consult a qualified electrician as they usually give the best options.

2. Does it have a Higher or Lower Color Rendering Index?

Otherwise known as CRI, the color rendering index is used to measure the light’s ability to produce the right color that’s required of it on an object. For stadium lights, you should only choose lights that have high CRI. That’s because objects viewed under high CRI tend to appear in a color that’s close to their actual color. The CRI of your stadium light to be rated about 75 or above.


LED stadium lights are gradually becoming a common thing in sports. A lot of sporting organizations are quickly adopting and ditching the HID technologies for it. In this guide, insights on how stadium lights work and how you can purchase them are accurately given.

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