Learn the Services of Huawei ML Kit

by Natalie Rager

Huawei offers diversified distribution platforms that enable their users to connect app developers to various Huawei terminal devices. Due to this reason, it has been realized that Huawei technology is effectively reaching up to 500 million active Android users. Thanks to its Huawei site kits that enable a wide range of coverage regardless of geographical effects. On the other hand, if you want to try the Huawei ML kit, keep reading to learn more about it.

Text-Related Services

It is crucial to note that the Huawei ML kit enables your applications to leverage machine learning quickly. It has proven its expertise in machine learning to support various applications in different industries. In other words, the ML kit offers diversified machine learning capabilities that are straightforward and easy to use. Also, they can help the user to develop different AI apps. The following are the text-related services that you can get from the Huawei ML kit.

Text Recognition

If you plan to use the ML kit, one of the top services that you will get from it is text recognition. In our digital era, most of the things have been simplified, and with the help of these kits, it can be easy to extract text from documents, business cards, and receipts’ images. Due to this reason, these services are mainly used in transit, education, and offices. For instance, you can use this service in a translation application, especially when you want to extract a text in a picture and translate it.

With this service, you can use it to run on the device or cloud. If you choose to run it on the cloud, the service will later recognize the text in different languages such as Turkish, Indonesian, Swedish, French, German, Italian, etc.

General Card Recognition Services

The general card recognition is another service that you can get from the ML kit. It offers a universal development framework depending on the text recognition technology. As a user, it will enable you to customize the given logic to extract the needed details from a card. It currently offers three basic APIs for card recognition from local images, picture taking, and camera streams.

Bank Card Recognition

With the Huawei ML kit, you are likely to find the bank recognition service. With these services, it can be easy to identify or recognize information covering mainstream bank cards and bank card numbers. Most organizations are now using these services in financial institutions and other payment cases that need bank card binding.

Document Recognition

For Huawei users, you need to know that the document recognition service can recognize text with paragraph formats in different document photos or images. In other words, it can extract text from document images and then convert the paper documents into electric copies. Therefore, this is one of the ways it is reducing labor costs and enhancing information input efficiency.

If you are aspiring to use Huawei services, you are about to make the right choice since it is easy to integrate their systems with other devices. Use Huawei ML kits to attain your needs or wants.

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