How to be a good Katana Ninja

by Natalie Rager

In the Feudal period of Japan, there were a lot of ninjas that were used as mercenaries and for covert operations all around Japan. They were very dangerous and were feared by all.

Ninjas were very good when it came to surprise attacks and assassination. In the earliest days, Ninjas were very popular when it comes to covert operations, and in most cases, there were very familiar with the use of Katanas.

Katanas are very traditional weapons that have sharp single edges with the best cutting ability. They are unique weapons made from folded steel which cuts 50% more than the normal steel blades.

They are made with high precision that is why they were more preferred by Ninjas. Ninjas were very effective in their missions and they always operated at night. They were usually called Shinobis and they were described as the opposite of Samurai.

For a Ninja, Katana had a lot of uses. They always carried the Katana at their backs placed inside the scabbard. When the place is dark, the scabbard could be used for probing.

How the Ninjas use Katana.

In Feudal Japan, Ninjas fill the top parts of the scabbard with iron filings or dust so that when they saw out their swords, the enemy would feel the impact of the dust or iron fillings. After filing the effects of these elements, it will give them more room to give a lethal hit.

Before the Katana was invented, Ninjas normally used Straight knives. However, these straight knives proved to be very non-effective and non-lethal. Ninjas are people that use different types of weapons to make them fight better but the Katana is the most powerful weapon.

There are still a lot of Ninjas today, even though they are not as lethal as before. These Ninjas still require the use of the best Katanas in their fight.

Ninjas love using Katanas because of its sharp blades and long grip that helps them hold it with both hands. However, there are only a few companies that produce the best Katanas that these Katana Ninjas can use. They are the Samurai Swordsmith.

More About Samurai Swordsmith?

Samurai Swordsmith has been in existence for hundreds of years and has produced high-quality Katanas for Ninjas. Most of the Katanas are made with high carbon or folded steel. The high carbon steel is mostly used by amateur ninjas while the folded steel katana is used by the experts.

Samurai Swordsmiths will give you the best Katanas you need to be a good Ninja.


To be a good Katana ninja, you need the right weapons. One of the weapons you need it the Katana to help you get better cuts at any time. When it comes to creating a hand-made Katana, Samurai Swordsmith always has the best Katana you need. We are always the best at what we do and we have always given Ninjas the best experience. If you need the best, visit us today.

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