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Ráspi’s Gere Phoenix cuvée 1999 (actually Ráspi – Zweigelt, 2011)

Posted in Ráspi,Sopron,Wine reviews by admin on the October 29th, 2013

Ever wondered what would be like when Ráspi meets Villány in the late nineties? Need no more.

Cinnamon-flavored warm, spicy nose with ripe plum.

I’ve never had so much smoky wood char crushed in my mouth (it’s not that I’ve never thought of it), filtered through my teeth with a very, very lasting impression of tennessee whiskey. Am I gone mad or Ráspi’s trying to jump on a bandwagon last seen in Villány at the turn of the millennium?

There’s a rather cordial long, tasty bitter tannic finish, an endless flow of ripe sour cherry mingled with unripe plum.

This evokes Villány’s golden age of oak presented in a muddy Ráspi fashion. A must try. A remarkable Zweigelt from Sopron’s most notorious, a grape that still fails to impress me but from one producer.

This Tennessee wine is a perfect match with either slightly burnt chicken from the grill or a duck rillette.

Best served fresh at appr. 19℃.

Heimann – Syrah, 2008

Posted in Heimann by admin on the September 3rd, 2011

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry here. It’s due to many factors, one of them being that I felt blogging’s become suddenly a bit old-fashioned when masses begun sharing information with each other through social network sites and individual blogs seemed to have lost their appeal to other tools too, like Twitter. Leaving other factors behind (laziness standing out in particular) for now, I’m not sure if this is going to be a last post or others will follow. This one is not even inspired by a particular wine, I’m simply in the mood of writing a post about one or maybe several of the wines I liked this summer. So here’s one, if not exactly off the top of my head, but a more or less random one of those wines I took note of lately.

Heimann – Syrah (2008)

Rather darkish carbon-paper blue with a matt purplish rim. Forest soil and tobacco-like notes mingle on the nose. On the palate it’s soft and dense with velvety tannins which flow into a fairly long finish, carrying tasty notes of sour cherry but without the annoying bitterness. Nice curve in the mouth. After some exposure to air, the wine develops a fairly rich but not too intense bouquet of toasted bread and perfectly ripe dark berry fruits. As the wine’s character becomes more jammy, it displays ripe and sweet forest berry aromas. Smooth, well balanced dense wine without becoming too weighty.

Very good to drink and easy to like, this wine’s well worth HUF 3 300.

See other good value Heimann wines here.

Egerszóláti Olaszrizling cocktail, 2009

Mix and match of ready made wines is kind of a cheating to me but it can be a very delicious sin. In 2009 Gál Lajos, Lőrincz György, Hagymási József, Sike Tamás and Rabóczki Attila used some of their wines from Boldogságos, Kántor tag, Rózsás and Szarvas vineyards and made a blend of Olaszrizling.

Ripe maize inclined to gold hue. Dense nose of delicious rocky minerals mingled with a hint of vanilla (petunia?). Similarly styled palate, a bit rustic, almost robust.

Heimann, Cabernet Franc – 2008

Posted in Heimann by admin on the June 8th, 2011

Lively medium-deep ruby.

The nose is packed with ripe forest fruits, leveraging notes of jammy black-currant and mulberry. Quite fleshy bouquet with hints of oaky spices. Medium-bodied, well-balanced wine with gentle acidity and a young tannic backbone, which mixtures with alcohol (lots of it) resulting in a not too well defined texture. Leather notes in a rather short finish.

Like most Heimann wines, this is a fairly priced piece of Szekszárd.

Gróf Buttler – Bikavér, 2008

Posted in Gróf Buttler by admin on the May 29th, 2011

Intense blast of berry fruits and the clean smell of a basket of blackberry.

Still young, small medium-bodied wine with a peppery, toasty appeal. Good length with ripe tobacco leaf, tobacco and a hint of tannic tartness.

The wine responds well to airing, getting texturally softer, heavier and denser.

As the cheapest GB red wine out there, this is perhaps not as complex as in 2007 at present, it might still age well into a remarkable piece of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2-3 years of time.

Gróf Buttler – Bikavér, 2008

SzecskÅ‘ – Szürkebarát, 2008

Posted in Szecskő,Szecskő Tamás by admin on the May 28th, 2011

Brassy beige hue. Meadow floral bouquet, fresh but rather restrained with notes of acacia and boiled parsley. Weighty palate with a creamy texture and very subtle acidity. Restrained aromas at the entry, short and a bit dull character at the finish. Yet it’s a pleasant drink, with gently composed marzipan and pistachio. It’s an overall decent effort from (my preferred?) Mátraalja winemaker.

Szecskő - Szürkebarát, 2008

Szabó Zoltán – Cirfandli, 2009

Posted in Szabó Zoltán by admin on the May 26th, 2011

Deep golden yellow. Heavy bouquet, revealing almost nothing in terms of fruits or else. On the palate highly concentrated substance with some wet grassy notes at opening. Full-bodied wine, rich in fairly exciting stoney and mineral notes from the mid-palate, but I’d like more acidity and liveliness here. It looks like acids cannot bear the 16% alcohol. Good length though. When chilled it’ll reveal an even richer stony character  with picante olive aromas and texture.

I recommend this for lovers of rather enigmatic wines.

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Pontica – Ezerjó, 2008

Posted in Pontica by admin on the May 25th, 2011

Deep golden yellow. A bit tired, grassy nose. Rather robust on the palate with tingling minerality from the mid-palate flowing slowly into a short herbal finish. 14% alcohol has its weight here making the wine texturally oily. The subtle acidity underneath provides little support for this body.

The 2006 was a revelation from Mór’s smallest commercially available quality wineries. The 2008 lacks the complexity and determination of the classic 2006, but it’s still a good wine.

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pince – Rosé, 2010

Posted in Pannonhalmi by admin on the May 24th, 2011

This is a pale brassy-burgundy colored rosé with a light nose of lavender and plum. On the palate crisp unripe plum acidity and notes of peach. Very refreshing, simple rosé.

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pince – Sauvignon Blanc, 2010

Posted in Pannonhalmi by admin on the May 24th, 2011

Really pale, clean, watery lemon yellow in appearance. This wine has a complex and fairly intense nose of citrus, grapefruit and celery with a perfumed acacia accent. Fresh and crisp. The palate has a clean and fresh character with crisp and sharp lemon flavored acidity from the mid-palate, flowing into a long finish over a layer of various fruits.

Fairly priced.