Colorado Becomes a Refuge for Families Who Want Medicinal Marijuana for Their Children


Just at her early childhood age of 7, Greta Botker has suffered immense adversity than most adults. She has been prescribed host of medications for her epilepsy- Onfi, Keppra, Depakote, Prednisone, and Felbatol.  She has undergone brain surgery and had to be on a strict diet.

No line of treatment was successful in giving her relief from around 15 seizures a day, which she was getting since 5 months of her birth. It was a task for her to walk steadily, talk properly, and even feed herself. Maria and Mark, parents of this little child had tried all the alternatives for the betterment of their child’s condition, but nothing worked.

Then they got to know about a strain of cannabis seeds grown in Colorado, which helped in reducing the number of seizures in children with epileptic condition.

“We really tried everything with Greta,” says Maria Botker, a nurse and mother of Greta. “We put our child through brain surgery, so a plant like marijuana was not going to scare me.”

The strain of marijuana is called “Charlotte’s Web,” and it’s named after a young girl in Colorado. The oil from the strain miraculously changed Charlotte Figi’s life for better. This instance raised the hopes of hundreds of families with children suffering from severe ailments. Many families are moving to Colorado to put their last effort for helping their children.

The state of Colorado has become a refuge for many other families. This is mainly because of two reasons- firstly, Colorado has most relaxed laws for the use of marijuana, and secondly, there is an open market for Charlotte’s Web strain, which has the efficiency of treating people with severe epilepsy.

The recreational use of marijuana was approved in Colorado in the beginning of this year, becoming the first state to allow recreational marijuana. However, medicinal marijuana was permitted since 2000. The District of Columbia and twenty other states have legalized medical marijuana, but its prescription to specific diseases varies from state to state. Even in Washington State, recreational marijuana use is legalized, though the law has not yet gone into effect.

The family that grows Charlotte’s Web has started a Colorado foundation named Realm of Caring. The foundation has 100 patients, whose families have moved to Colorado from two countries and 43 states, says the executive director, Heather Jackson. More than 2000 people are in waiting list, she revealed.


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