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Ráspi’s Gere Phoenix cuvée 1999 (actually Ráspi – Zweigelt, 2011)

Posted in Ráspi,Sopron,Wine reviews by admin on the October 29th, 2013

Ever wondered what would be like when Ráspi meets Villány in the late nineties? Need no more.

Cinnamon-flavored warm, spicy nose with ripe plum.

I’ve never had so much smoky wood char crushed in my mouth (it’s not that I’ve never thought of it), filtered through my teeth with a very, very lasting impression of tennessee whiskey. Am I gone mad or Ráspi’s trying to jump on a bandwagon last seen in Villány at the turn of the millennium?

There’s a rather cordial long, tasty bitter tannic finish, an endless flow of ripe sour cherry mingled with unripe plum.

This evokes Villány’s golden age of oak presented in a muddy Ráspi fashion. A must try. A remarkable Zweigelt from Sopron’s most notorious, a grape that still fails to impress me but from one producer.

This Tennessee wine is a perfect match with either slightly burnt chicken from the grill or a duck rillette.

Best served fresh at appr. 19℃.

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